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Letter From Lakeridge Health

May 2021
Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Thank you for your continued support of Lakeridge Health and for your efforts to prevent
the spread of COVID-19. Working together with our community and health care
partners, we are flattening the curve. Our collective efforts are paying off.
This collaboration is a great example of how we, as a community, are living our vision ,
One System. Best Health. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all health
care providers who continue to work with us to protect and promote a healthy
As you are aware, variants of concern led to this third and most aggressive wave of the
pandemic. However, while the number of confirmed cases has gradually decreased
since mid-April, the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19, and those who have
been admitted to the ICU, remains very high in Ontario and Durham Region.
This third wave has forced Lakeridge Health to make some difficult decisions. As you
may know, to increase the number of ICU and critical care beds required, we had to
temporarily pause non-emergent surgeries and ambulatory services. By doing so, we
have freed up space and staff to treat the urgent needs of COVID-19 patients. We hope
to resume these services as soon as we can safely do so.
Lakeridge Health is also part of a regional network of hospitals across southeastern
Ontario. Over the past several weeks, our hospital has received patients and/or
transferred patients to other facilities to ensure the safest and highest quality care for
every patient during this challenging time.

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