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Your Feedback Is Essential to Help Guide Climate Change Decisions

As a Clarington Business owner (or designated manager), you are kindly invited to participate in a research study to gain insights into how municipalities can include climate change and social justice as key features of local economic development. Although, actions must be taken in all sectors to avoid the most catastrophic impacts[1] of climate change (IPCC, 2018). municipal governments, given their role in planning and organizing communities and stimulating local economies, are uniquely positioned to act on climate change.  

This research project involves identifying the extent to which climate change, environmental sustainability and social justice have been used as lenses for local economic development in Canada and the steps can be taken to integrate these concepts into local economic development ongoing basis. Ideally, the findings from this research study will provide Municipalities and organizations responsible for local economic development with a deeper understanding of ways to integrate considerations for climate change and social justice into local economic development initiatives as an ongoing best practice. 

Dr. Varghese will be analyzing the information collected from the online surveys. Researchers will take all reasonable actions to ensure all responses to the survey and the identities of the survey respondents remain anonymous. This project has been reviewed by the University of Guelph’s Research Ethics Board for compliance with federal guidelines for research involving human participants (REB21-06-029). 

[1] The World Health Organization has described climate change as the greatest challenge of the 21st century (2015). Climate change has the potential to negatively impact global and local economies, expose people to new health and security threats, and alter the natural systems that we depend on for food and clean air and water.