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Clarington Shapes Your Every Day

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Do you ever wonder who makes the products we use every day? What businesses provide services ensuring our comfort and safety? Where our food comes from? Would you be surprised if many products and services you use every day originate within Clarington?

Buying local is a well-known concept that encourages purchasing local goods and services to support our economy. When we hear “buy local” this typically focusses on buying from local farmer’s markets, u-pick farms, restaurants, local tourist attractions and unique downtown retail businesses.  As you make your day-to-day purchases, locally or outside your community, you may be amazed to find items and services that are produced in our own backyard.

You may start your day with some eggs and a fresh glass of apple juice. Eggs that you purchased at a grocery store that may have very likely been produced by the chickens at Almet Farms in Clarington and juice that is produced from Algoma Orchards – available at stores such as Loblaws and Costco across Canada. If you drive a Dodge Caliber or Jeep Compass their rubber pedal brake pad is supplied by Canada Rubber Group Inc. – helping you to come to a safe stop. The foam seats in your vehicle that provide a comfortable ride may have been shaped by molds made by The AWC Company, especially for the Dodge Caravan. We will also soon see Darlington Nuclear Generating Station become a global leader in the production of life-saving medical isotopes which, through imaging treatments, will help detect conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Darlington Nuclear will be capable of producing enough isotopes to supply the current and future demand for this critical diagnostic imaging in North America.

There are many other businesses that leave an imprint on your day that you may not be aware of, but the next time you use a product or service or consume a meal or beverage, know that if it’s grown, produced or manufactured here, it means people are employed, and job creation is central to economic growth in your community.

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